Module 7: Advanced Strategies


How to Increase Feedback

How long is my setup session?

The setup session is two hours. This is generally plenty of time for the Recording Coach to get to know your situation and get you all setup.

What if I already have someone who mixes for me?

No worries! You're not obligated to use our discounted mixing and mastering. It's totally cool for you to buy our equipment packages, have us set it all up with you, and then send your mixes somewhere else.

You do get one free mix and master included with the equipment package, so we do encourage you to at least let us mix one song for free :)

What does the setup session look like?

It's fully customized to you, your music style, and your needs. In every session, the Recording Coach will:

1. Ask questions to get to know your specific needs.

2. Perform an acoustics test of your room to help you find the best recording techniques for your situation and suggest acoustic treatment if necessary. 3. Guide you through all of your new gear and explain how it works.

4. Do some recording with you to make sure you feel confident before leaving.

What specific things will you teach me in the setup session?

We'll answer any questions you have while we're there, and we'll answer any future questions you have over text as well. Here are some specific things we (almost) always go over: 1. How to use your equipment in your specific scenario.
2. How to handle the acoustics of your specific space.

3. Which software might be best for your situation. (DAW, Plugins, etc.)

4. How to organize and prepare your recordings for mixing.

5. How to send mixes to us or any other studio. 6. How to import beats or other instrumentals into your DAW.

What DAW should I use?

Every DAW is unique in how it works and what functions it prioritizes... but the honest truth is that they all CAN do the same things (for the most part). What DAW you use is mostly up to your workflow, but here's some quick guidelines to get you going.

Want the most affordable option that can still do everything but is only $65? Get Reaper.

Want the easiest DAW to use for tracking instruments/vocals? Get Reaper.

Plan on also making your own beats?
Look into Ableton or FL Studio.

Want to use the industry standard DAW? Get Pro Tools.

Will my laptop, phone, or computer be compatible with your equipment?

Yes! Here is some specific guidance on that...

Simple Package Requirements
iPhone or iPad
Android Devices
Any Laptop/Computer
(Low-tier devices are likely to run really slow and may cause a frustrating experience, but any device made within the past 5 years will technically work)

Professional Package Requirements
A Laptop or Computer with...
Windows 7, 8, or 10 (or any macOS)
An i3, i5, i7, or better processor At least 2 GB of ram (ideally 8gb) (phones and tablets will not work for the professional package)

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