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9-8-20 Return-to-Campus Plan

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Hello parents,

As we prepare to return to school, I have some quick reminders to share.

  • Only families that completed the survey can begin school tomorrow. We must be able to track each student on campus. Contact tracing is huge in creating a safe environment.  

  • If you did not respond to the survey, the next opportunity to return to campus in a hybrid instructional model is after the October intercession. Watch for communication to opt in at that time.

  • We will open the school gates at 7:30 AM.  Please enter through the first gate.  To allow students safe entrance into the building, please wait in the car to be released.  At that time, we will check for your student's name, check temperatures, tell students their designated class, and release them to enter into the front entrance. 

  • Late arrivals are discouraged. We have a safety procedure. Please help us execute our campus plan. If you come later than 8:15 AM, parents will have to park in a parking spot and escort their student(s) to the front desk.

  • Our student drivers will enter through the same gate and will be directed where to park on campus. 

  • To have a safe, productive academic day, please have your student(s) arrive at the campus with a device and headphones/ear buds.  If a student is not in compliance, we will contact parents and discuss the possibilities of admitting your student in our T.O.T.A.L. (Titan Online Teaching and Learning) program.  Along with academics, the safety of your student, and our faculty and staff, is our greatest concern.  

  • Uniforms are a question that continuously comes up in conversation. If possible, please wear Legacy on your chest. Do not wear holes in your pants or shorts.  Business casual is always encouraged.

  • Please bring a cold sack lunch.  We will not have microwaves available for the students.  Students will eat in their designated classroom with limited access to the hallways.

  • We will begin releasing students at 3:00 to their respective extracurricular programs, and car riders will be released at 3:30 (individually).  

We know these are unprecedented times, so we will have to take exceptional measures. To keep a safe environment, please comply with the requests mentioned. Additionally, if you or your student is showing symptoms or has been around anyone that has been exposed to COVID-19, please do not come to school.  Take the time to rest up, sign on to Edgenuity, and log in to Google Classroom time.  We cannot afford to have a case of COVID-19 on campus.  As a reminder, if we have a student who tested positive, we will have to shut down for 14 days and begin our reopen process again. 

Please stay safe, not just for you, but for our Legacy families. 

If you have questions, please contact the school through the Let's Talk box on our school website.

Kerrie Patterson-Brown, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Legacy the School of Sport Sciences

(m) 713.400.7848 | (f) 888.875.4940|

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