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We Found a Way - More Devices Available

Good news! We found a way to accommodate the majority--if not all--of those who have requested the use of a Legacy-issued device.

We will issue a Kindle to middle-schoolers and Chromebooks to high-schoolers. Use the links below to reserve a device (only if you have not done so already) and schedule a pick-up time.

If you still have a Legacy device from the 2019-2020 Spring Semester, please return it to the school asap so that we can make it available to those who are in need of a device, or you may continue to use it for the upcoming school year. Just contact to request an extension.

New students must complete registration, including submitting necessary documentation (social security card, birth certificate, proof of residency [utility bill]), BEFORE a device will be issued. All documentation is due by August 8, or the student can no longer be considered enrolled at Legacy. Don't risk it; finish registration today. School starts Wednesday, August 5.

Reserve a device.

Schedule a pick-up time.

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