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Week 0 Is In the Books...Looking Ahead to Week 1

Give your students (and yourselves) a HUGE round of applause for their effort, attention, cooperation, and patience as we navigated through the challenges of Week 0. Your Mighty Titan Team (all 40 of us) is working hard to resolve some issues and rework some systems to make Week 1 run smoothly.

Below is a guide intended to address some of your questions.



Office Hours: The time designated for students to check in with their teachers for help with assignments. Students were sent a link to SignUp Genius and asked to reserve a time that will be theirs throughout the distance-learning period.

Water Cooler: A daily Zoom chitchat with various Administrative and Instructional personnel to answer your specific questions and concerns.

Google Classroom vs Edgenuity:

Google Classroom is a tool for teachers to communicate assignments, messages, grades, etc. with students. Login for Google Classroom is the student's Legacy email and password.

Edgenuity houses instructional videos with course content. Students watch the videos, take quizzes, and progress through the courses. Edgenuity logins are made up of the student's last name and ID number found on the schedule or report card: LASTNAMEID#. The universal password is titan10.

Kami: An app that allows teachers to turn paper assignments into interactive documents that students can complete and upload to Google Classroom.

OnRamps: A partnership with the University of Texas to offer distance education through a dual enrollment model for high school students to engage in authentic college experiences.

TSI: The Texas Success Initiative Assessment is a program which determines the appropriate level of dual credit college course work for an incoming student. The TSI test consists of three separate exams: Mathematics, Reading, and Writing.



Mask/Face Coverings will be required upon entry to all buildings on campus, and social distancing will be adhered to as much as possible . 

Appointments are required for all visitors who wish to meet with members of our faculty and staff. Appointments can be made by calling the school's main number--713-400-7848. All visitors will enter through the main entrance located between the buildings.



August 10 - 14, 2020

Timeline Action Details

Ongoing Schedule Changes Students will submit schedule

change requests via a form that

is posted on the Student & Parent

Resources page.

Ongoing Team Practice for: Coaches will communicate

* Football details about times and

* Volleyball locations. COVID-19 screening

* Girls Basketball - measures will take place prior to

(open gym only) the start of each practice/

workout.   Athletes should arrive

no earlier than 30 minutes prior

to their scheduled practice time

and will need to depart campus

no later than 30 minutes

following the conclusion of

practice.  Athletes must stay in

their vehicles until the

scheduled practice start time. 

August 10 - 14 Classes Begin Students log into Google

Classroom to get their latest

assignments and complete

self-paced work on Edgenuity.

August 10 - 14 Water Cooler Zoom Members of our instructional

11:00 a.m. * Instructional Staff and technology staff will

4:00 p.m. * Instructional Staff address your questions.

7:00 p.m. * Technology Assistance Instructional Zoom link

Meeting ID: 690 407 0004

Passcode: Titan

Technology Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 769 0103 5013

Passcode: Titan

August 10 UT OnRamps Class Session Kerrie Patterson-Brown and the

1:00 p.m. Legacy OnRamps teachers will

share information about the

OnRamps partnership with UT.

Meeting ID: 768 065 8487

Passcode: Titan

August 11 TSI/Dual Credit Session Helen Wiltz, Testing Coordinator,

1:00 p.m. will guide participants

through the TSI and dual credit


Meeting ID: 768 065 8487

Passcode: Titan



Email login issues Patty Fisk,

Schedule issues Ralph Butler,

Marcus Session (HS),

Shantel Thomas-Cato (MS),

Athletics questions Donyale Canada,



  • Remain in your car while waiting for players to finish practice.

  • Please park in the lots and not on the grass.

  • Subscribe to the Latest News on the website to keep up with information.

  • Subscribe to Titan.U TV on YouTube.

  • Google Classroom course codes are posted on the Student & Parent Resources website page.

  • We're here for your child's success.

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