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What's in a name? 

At Legacy...EVERYTHING.  We are empowering students to build their own legacies.  Life skills are interwoven within the curriculum to help prepare students to meet challenges head on--skills like time management, effective communication, hands-on training, accountability, and self-advocacy, to name a few. 

As a public charter school, there is a funding gap of at least $700 per student per year versus a traditional Independent School District.   In addition, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) does not fund extracurricular activities.  Approximately 97% of our student population participates in extracurricular activities.  It costs approximately $1,500 per student-athlete to participate in athletics, which generates a total shortfall of $2,200 per student.

Won't you help build a student's LEGACY by supporting our school and its efforts to cultivate future leaders?  

Legacy is uniquely designed to prepare students to meet their college and professional goals academically by focusing on professions in the industry of sport. Your contribution will help pay for guest speakers, electronic devices, software programs, classroom equipment, and professional development for faculty and staff.


Legacy's athletic program benefits from donations to purchase equipment and uniforms, develop and maintain fields, defray travel costs, and hire qualified coaches.  All donations help Legacy continue its commitment to athletic excellence.

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Our career paths--Sports Media & Marketing, Sports Medicine, Coaching, and Administration--are at the core of what sets Legacy apart from traditional schools.  Every donation helps build these programs that give students hands-on experience to handle real-time situations in their chosen career path in the sport industry.

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The difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline.  It is our dream to expand Legacy's Spring, TX, campus to include more  instructional space, as well as more athletic facilities.  Our goal is to do it within the next five years.  Your donation brings us closer to reaching that goal. 

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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"Be where you are supposed to be, do what you are supposed to do,
in pursuit of academic and athletic excellence."

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