ESSER III Information

Legacy the School of Sport Sciences has applied for and been awarded multiple federal grants. All federal grants are administered in accordance with the federal grant regulations, also known as EDGAR (Education Department General Administrative Regulations) and the district’s State and Federal Grants Manual (2021). Current Grants are listed below. 

ESSER I (CARES Act) 2020 – 2021 Grant Entitlement $44,374

ESSER II CRRSA Act 2020 – 2022 Grant Entitlement $203,335

ESSER III ARP Act 2020 – 2023 Grant Entitlements $456,662

ESSER III Communication Plan  Spanish Version

ESSER III Funding Stakeholder Input Survey

Encuesta de aportes de las partes interesadas sobre la financiación de la ESSER III

Esser III Student Survey 

Encuesta de estudiantes ESSER III

Title I, Part A-SWP Documents Translation Procedure  Spanish Version

ESSER Funding Plan   Spanish Version


Federal Grant Entitlements Preliminary Planning Amount and Proposed Uses 


Safe Return to In-Person Instruction  Spanish Version

The following Texas Education Agency Correspondence has been posted at the TEA website

2021-07-15     Parental Options for Students to Repeat Grades or Courses     Curriculum Standards and Student Support


2021-07-15     SB 204 and Out-of-District Transportation Requirements, TEC §34.007 and Related Waivers     Governance and Accountability


2021-07-15     Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Support (TCLAS) Application -Source for 15+ TEA Initiatives and Support – Opens Monday, July 19     Innovative Instructional Models