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Required Documents


Adopted Budget

(Texas Education Code, 440051)

Approved Budget

(Texas Administrative Code, 100.1032 (2)(k))


Disclosure of Financial Information 

(Texas Administrative Code, 100.1050)


Federal Grant Award 

(Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA)


Most Current Annual Financial Report (AFR)- (Texas Administrative Code, 100.1032(2)(k)) Government Code, 140.005)

CEO Contract


Online Message Board

 (Government, Code, 551.006)

Names of Governing Board

(Texas Administrative Code, 100.1007 (d)(2))


Notice of School Board Meeting

 (Government Code, 551.056(b)(3))


Agenda of School Board Meeting 

(Government Code, 551.056(c)(3))


Health-Related Policies

(Texas Education Code, 38.0141)


Immunizations Awareness

TX Dept of State Health Services

(Texas Education Code, 38.019)

Bacterial Meningitis Information

(Texas Education Code, 38.0025 (a), (c))



(Texas Education Code, 37.0832(e))


Physical Activity Policies 

(Texas Education Code, 28.004(k)(1-3))


Transition and Employment guide for Special Education Students

 (Texas Education Code, 29.0112(e)(1))

College Credit Program

(Texas Education Code, 28.009(b-2)(7))

School Safety Transfers

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"Be where you are supposed to be, do what you are supposed to do,
in pursuit of academic and athletic excellence."

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