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Sports Media & Marketing

Legacy's Sports Media & Marketing career path takes students to the inner workings of the sport industry.  The program partners with the Sports Management Society (SMS) to give students hands-on experience in rendering sporting events by maintaining statistics, announcing live games, managing team social media, coordinating and working event admissions and concessions, documenting events using photography, and editing and posting event videos.  They also learn how to promote brand pride by designing, producing, and marketing Legacy spirit wear.

One very successful and popular event sponsored by the Sports Media & Marketing program is Market Day, where students develop, market, and sell a product to their piers on campus.  Student entrepreneurs set their pricing and keep the profits.

Course Offering

Year 1     Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance

In Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance, students gain knowledge and skills in economies and private enterprise systems, the impact of global business, the marketing of goods and services, advertising, and product pricing. Students analyze the sales process and financial management principles. This course allows students to reinforce, apply, and transfer academic knowledge and skills to a variety of interesting and relevant activities, problems, and settings in business, marketing, and finance.

Year 2     Sports and Entertainment Marketing

What comes to mind when you think of ‘marketing?' Perhaps you think of a familiar television jingle, or maybe you think of irritating sales phone calls. There is no denying the power of the marketing industry. Every year, companies spend approximately $200 billion promoting their products and services—and that’s just in the United States alone! In Advertising/Social Media Marketing, students learn how marketing campaigns, ads, and commercials are brought to life and meet some of the creative folks who produce them. They learn about marketing career opportunities and discover ways to be part of this exciting, fast-paced industry. 


Year 3     Entrepreneurship

The world of sports and entertainment is never boring. This field offers careers that combine entertainment with traditional marketing, but with a whole lot more glamour. Explore basic marketing principles while delving deeper into the multi-billion dollar sports and entertainment industry. Students learn how professional athletes, sports teams, and famous entertainers are marketed as commodities and how the savvy people who handle these deals can become very successful.

Year 4     Practicum in Marketing

Students will experience hands-on marking opportunities through Legacy's Sports Management Society (SMS).  SMS students participate at Legacy's main campus, satellite campus or additional partners.

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in pursuit of academic and athletic excellence."

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