Student Athletic Services (SAAC)

The Legacy School of Sport Sciences’ Student Athletic Advisory Committee was formed to provide leadership training, event management, and community service experience to our student-athletes as well as provide a platform for student-athlete voices to be heard.

•  Promote a positive student-athlete image
•  Represent Legacy, and exemplify the Legacy Way
•  Promote communication between Athletics administration and                        student- athletes
•  Disseminate information
•  Coordinate/Assist with campus events/projects
•  Build a sense of community among all athletic programs as well                         cultivate  relationships      between the athletic department and school         community
•  Provide student-athlete voice to proposed Legacy School of Sport                     Sciences  (LSSS),  Texas Christian League (TCAL) and                                                        legislation/administrative issues.
•   Organize community service efforts


The mission of Legacy the School of Sport Sciences’ Student Athletic Advisory Committee is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athletes’ well-being, and fostering a positive student-athlete image, inclusive student-athlete environment, and promoting student-athlete engagement at the campus and league/district levels.

Members of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee shall have the opportunity to address issues affecting student-athletes at Legacy; furthermore, members shall have the opportunity to offer input on issues which may reach beyond our campus and district’s boundaries. The Student Athletic Advisory Committee will facilitate better communication among student-athletes from various athletics teams to address issues common to all. The Committee will also serve as a gateway of communication among student-athletes, coaches, and athletics administrators on issues to improve the student-athlete experience and promote growth and education through sports participation. Through the grassroots efforts of Student Athletic Advisory Committee, student-athletes will have the opportunity to create the culture, set the standard for leadership, and service.

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“80 to Participate”

To participate in ANY extra-curricular activity, students must fulfill all requirements of Legacy course work with a minimum grade of 80% in each class on their progress report and report card.


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