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The Pathways in Technology Early High School (P-TECH) must have a current, signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) or interlocal agreement (ILA) with each Institution of Higher Education (IHE). The P-TECH must also have a current and signed agreement with each business/industry partner. Both agreements must respectively outline key issues related to the planning, implementation, and sustainability of the P-TECH program. Stakeholders shall review the MOUs and agreements annually.

2.1 - Goal of Higher Education Partnerships

  • Final, signed, and executed MOU/ILA or similar agreement with Institution of Higher Education

2.11 - Roles and Responsibilities

  • Final, signed, and executed agreement with business/industry partner(s)

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"Be where you are supposed to be, do what you are supposed to do,
in pursuit of academic and athletic excellence."

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