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Students in the P-TECH Business and Marketing program will experience career-focused training, be a part of industry excursions and field trips, and work with local experts in their careers. The goal of P-TECH is an innovative open-enrollment high school that allows students to receive both a high school diploma and an associate degree and an industry credential. The hallmark of the P-TECH model is its career focus and the provision of work-based education.

Our pathway is designed to provide you, the student, with skills and competencies in a wide range of subjects. Our P-TECH Lab is focused on a career in Business and Marketing. The P-TECH program is open to all rising 9th graders, and if accepted, you will join us as a P-TECH student in the following school year.

If a student is no longer in the PTECH program, they must return to their original districted campus.

While a P-TECH student, all of the Lone Star college courses will be FREE – free tuition and free textbooks! All college classes are dual credit and will count toward high school completion as well as college course completion.

To be eligible, students must currently be in 8th grade. We have a limited number of slots as this is a competitive program.

If admitted, students will be required to attend a Summer Bridge program where they will participate in college readiness activities and TSI preparation and testing.

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Business and Marketing Degree Courses

EDUC 1300 -  Learning Framework

BCIS 1305 - Business Computer Applications

BUSI 1301 - Business Principles

BMGT 1327 - Principles of Management

HRPO 1311 - Human Relations/Business Administration

BMGT 1309 - Information and Project Management

BMGT 2303 - Problem Solving and Decision Making/Practicum in Business Management

MRKG1311 - Principles of Marketing

MRKG 1302 - Principles of Retailing

MRKG 2312 - E-Commerce Marketing

MRKG - Principles of Selling

MRKG 1301 - Customer Relationship Management

MRKG 2348 - Marketing Research and Strategies

MRKG 2349 - Advertising and Sales Promotions

MRKG 2388 - Internship - Business Marketing/Marketing Management

ECON 2302 - Micro - Economics

BUSI 1307 - Personal Finance

English 1301 and 1302

Arts 1301 and or Drama 1310

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"Be where you are supposed to be, do what you are supposed to do,
in pursuit of academic and athletic excellence."

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