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The Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) shall target and enroll historically underserved students. The campus must enable students who are at-risk of dropping out or those who wish to accelerate completion of high school to combine high school courses and college-level courses. Every P-TECH must enroll at least a 9th grade class during their first year of implementation. If a P-TECH phases out their services, the academy must be prepared to provide services to each enrolled cohort through graduation.

3.2 - Documenting Enrollment Procedures

  • Written admission policy, and enrollment application

  • Written recruitment plan, including a timeline of recruitment and enrollment events, and recruitment materials for distribution at feeder middle schools and other appropriate locations in the community

3.3 - Stakeholder Engagement 

  • Brochures and marketing in Spanish, English, and/or other relevant language(s)

    • English Brochure

    • Spanish Brochure

  • Written communication plan for targeting identified audiences (e.g., parents, community members, school boards, higher education personnel, etc.)

3.4 - Lottery System


  • Written lottery procedures (district-level or campus-level)

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